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Down To Folk

Season 0, Episode 1 · 2 years ago

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Welcome to Down To Folk, each week we will regale you with folklore, fairytales and legends that never actually happened! Are you DTF? 

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Folklore, fairy tales, legends. These are traditions from time and memorial, passed from generation to generation. They explain the unknown, they warn against danger, they guide our moral fiber, instilling a sense of purpose and goodness. These tales are central to our fairy being, reminding us that were one and the same. There is a magic in these stories. So we want to bring these tales to you, to take you into the fold. We have delved into some of the most well known and most obscure folk tales in order to bring them to the foe. You'll learn, you'll grow and the best part, we're making it all up. That's right, we're completely full of Shit. Down to folk at DTF, storiescom and wherever podcasts are found.

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