Down To Folk
Down To Folk

Season 2, Episode 40 · 1 year ago

There Can Be Only One


Jessica makes an announcement, Scooby and friends (yes, THAT Scooby) are hired to solve a double murder, Chad returns to poetry land, and Lloyd reaches his final destination.

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“Miss You” - Blink 182


Scooby Don't - BrJordan

The Face Off - Chad

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What happens when you take three people,  put them inside a Secret Government Agency and give them access to the largest collection of folklore, fairytales, and legends that have (n)ever existed?

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M.A.S.S.K. The Ministry of Augmented Something Something, and a K.

**Down to Folk is a work of comedy fiction.  The views and opinions related within should be taken as such, and are not the views and opinions of the creators, writers, or performers.  No children were harmed while creating this podcast, although, a few deaths have occurred, but that 'twas the Wendigo I reckon.**

Hello, Dana, I'm here. Greetings and welcome to down default. This shore. has been a crazy ride, hasn't it? Well, brace yourselves, you haven't seen anything yet. I just wanted to stop by and thank everyone for your support and your listenership throughout two thousand and twenty one down. The folk will be taking a brief hiatus after this episode. Be Sure to follow us on social media DTF stories, for updates if they become available. And now, without further ado, enjoy the show. Dana. Are you in here? Mr Ritchet? Miss Walls dwarned. Good Heavens, you scared me. Have you come looking for Dana? When the four of US start of this journey? Look, it was never parked plan. When he was born, I made a promise to his father that I would protect him and keep him happy at all costs, and I have done that. For the past year he has flourished in my care. Mr Warrington, while your loyalty is commendable, your inability to adapt is bordering on the edge of problematic.

What in the world so are you talking about? I have done everything asked of me. Ask Mr Richard, and Mr Richard and Mr Kelly are currently indisposed and will not be joining us for the rest of eternity. I promised him all means necessary, and you know for too well his love for attention to detail. But, much like Dana, you, Mr Warrington, were never part of this plan. Are you sure this is the right place? Daphney asked, peeking at the directions that were given to her on the phone. Before them stood a large windowless building surrounded by a large cement fence with barbed wire. A rickety gate was the only way in, which was odd because the gate seemed insufficient to all the other barricades to get to the ominous building. Yep, that's what the guy on the phone said, and he spoke really slowly, so I'm sure I got everything right. Fred said, turning off the van's ignition. It's just so odd. On all the maps and guide books this building does not show up. All that it says is former township of humility and a big blank space, almost like a void of nothingness. Thelma pushed her thick glasses back up her nose as she squinted at the map. Zoinks, if the map says it not here, but the...

...directions do. Man, what does that mean? Shaggy whispered to his trusty canine companion, Raol. Scooby responded, sniffing the air for any signs of snacks. Well, if this is the place, we better do some investigating. Daphne opened the van door and got out. Her Purple Dress stood out in the gray mist that surrounded the compound. Fred Velma, shaggy and scooby soon joined her, taking in the sights. They had received a call a few days ago from a man who would not give his name. The man said that his parents had been killed and that everything pointed to this location. He himself could not look further into this matter, but he believed that his parents death was at the hands of the WHENDIGO. WHENDIGO the mythologic joke, creature or evil spirit that originates from the folklore of the first nations. It is a malevolent spirit, sometimes depicted as a creature with human like characteristics, who possesses people and invokes instatiable feelings of greed and hunger, often creating those under its influence to commit murder and sometimes even cannibalism. Thelma read from the wikipedia website on her phone. Evil spirits that makes you commit murder. Yikes. I mean man, that's just not cool, Shaggy said, stepping back towards the van. Why don't you all just go ahead, scooby and I will stay in the van and wait. No, Scooby and shaggy, you will check the perimeter of this place. Daphne and I will see if we can get in. And Velma, you stay in the van and do some more research on this place and let us know if you find anything out. Thelma rolled her eyes, for it always took charge in situations like this, and it was really pissing her off. She was the brains behind the whole gang. Most of the cases were solved by her her the others were just deadweight that ended up running around causing more chaos and sidetracking the mission. But...

...she would rather stay in the van. This case gave her the he be geebs more so than any other of the cases they have solved. Most of the time it was just a local masked guy trying to scare away kids from his nefarious business, but this was a murder, a double murder, and this place called Mask had evil written all over it. Sure thing, Fred Velma answered. As she stepped back into the van. The four remaining split up just as Fred said. Scooby and shaggy taken the perimeter and Fred and Daphney taking the interior, just beyond the rickety gate. This is very interesting, Fred said, upon entering the gate. Why would you create such a large wall with such deterrence as barbed wire, only to have a rickety gait as your entrance? It's like they want us to come in right. And what type of office has no windows? I mean seriously, it must suck to work in there, if there's anyone there. Daphney added. As she walked up the cement path with weeds growing out of the cracks, a strange howling noise came from above as the dark clouds that hung over the complex began to thunder. The noise scared daphney right into Fred's arms. And scared, she said. Her face close to Fred's, she could smell all his Cologne off his ass coot and, quite frankly, found it enticing. Not Now, Daphney, we've got a case to solve. Fred gently pushed her away. We know whatever we do, Velma is going to solve the case, so why not take the opportunity while the gang is away? Her eyes peeked up from beneath her red haired Bangs, Daphne. Fred lightly protested as Daphney's hand undid his belt. What if we get caught? His hands reached up into her sweater. Oh, Fred, Fred, Fred. Daphne's eyes grew wide as Fred's neck exploded with a gush of blood and a large horn figure...

...stood behind him, pulling out an even larger knife from Fred's throat. Daphne screamed as the blood covered her face. She turned and Ran, only to slip on a slick puddle of blood that surrounded her. She fell down hard and fast and began to slip in slide as she tried crawling away from the large figure that quickly approached her, knife overhead, coming down and striking directly through the back of her head, knife tip scraping the sidewalk on the other side. Did you hear that? Scoops Shaggy excelled through the large puffs of scooby snacks brand pop. Scoops Shaggy looked around and can see scooby dooo running off in the distance as fast as he could. I guess you did. Shaggy shook his scrappy hair do and began to follow after scooby. I don't know about you, but this place is creepy as fuck. Shaggy spoke to nothingness. I hate that we always get stuck doing scary shit. I mean, I would rather smoke out, eat pizza, hows some fun and with the honey's and and you know, not be out of this ever approaching darkness that will consume my soul. Shaggy took another hit off the joint and, besides, Donald was going to solve this, she always does. I'm sure the wind go is just a man in a crappy costume, just like yours, Shaggy said to the figure standing in front of him. I mean, sure, this place looks like it's one cell away from becoming a Halloween superstore, but that doesn't mean you have to buy a costume from them. Shaggy continued talking to the shape that loomed next to him, wearing long robes and a horned mask. I mean seriously, the figure stopped, shook his head in disbelief as shaggy walked onward. I mean, you could be this window go or just a figment of my imagination. I mean, how we could all just be the figment of someone's imagination and not even be like real real shaggy stopped and looked down at the joint. WHOA, that's a deep need...

...cut back on this shit. He stopped as a large knife shot through his chest, his heart on the other end beating slowly as shaggy's body went whimp. Velma sat in the front seat of the van listening to Melissa Ethridge on the Stereo. Par paring out into the ever growing darkness, a dark horned figure appeared from the mist and stood just outside the van. Vilma's eyes grew wide. In its hand it held a phone and brought it up to its ear. Velma's phone rang and she answered. Is it done, she asked. A deep voice on the other end spoke good. Thank you for that, she smiled. How about the dog? The voice on the other end responded, no worries, he's a dog and I'm sure no one but shaggy could understand him. The voice said something in Velma paused. Well, I'm glad that I could help. I knew once we got the call from Dana, I had to call you. The others knew too much, so that problem is now soft. But Dana will call again, the voice interrupted. Vilma paused. Well, I'm I'm glad you will take care of him. My business here is done, Thelma asked. The voice on the other end answered. Good, good, Tell Jessica that I will meet her at Lucky's on Friday. She can pay me then, the voice confirmed and then made a joke, to which Velma laughed. Right, she can pay me that way too. And with that the horn figure to vanished into the mist, as Velma turned the ignition on and turn the music up and sped away from the compound, singing at the top of her lungs. Well, I'm the only won't dude, walk across the file for you. I am so absolutely confused as to the things you have said. Well, if you have questions,... may ask. After all, we did just fast forward through a nice threehour monolog here. So Richard and Kelly are dead. Yes, and you killed them. We left that open ended. And where is Dana? Hello, would you like a coffee? That is certainly not Dana. Yes, Dana, thank you. That would be lovely. I know it was his first attempt, and you don't me knows how to fetch coffee in lead people into this room. So where is Dana Now, the Real Dana? Oh, he went back to I our weeks ago. Right now he's probably hooking up the bolt one, as you call him, to transmit some of that lovely poetry you love so much. Let's listen, shall you? Hello, there, the angel from my nightmare, the shadow in the background of the morgue, the unsuspecting victim of darkness in the valley. We can live like Jack and Sally if you want. You can always find me and will have Halloween and Christmas and in the night. Will wish this never ends. Will wish this never ends. Miss you. Where are you? And I'm... sorry. I cannot sleep, I cannot dream tonight. I need someone. And always this sick, strange darkness comes creeping on, so haunting every time. And as I stared, I counted the webs from all the spiders catching things and eating their insides, like indecision. To call you and hear Your Voice of treason. Will you come home and stop at this pain tonight? Stop this pain tonight. Don't waste your time on me. You are already the voice inside my head and miss you. Don't waste your time on me. You are already the voice inside my ed and I miss you. I miss you. So do you have any more questions? So, how many of these stupid robots has Dana Mate? That's hard to say. The...

...list of actual humans is uch easier to die chest. I think Ariel and bridge Jordan, obviously not the bold one. Yes, that's about it. The two kids. Do you know me and him? What's in the Holy Hell is you've been listening to a podcast of the pod fix network. Discover more audible gym's like this at pod fix networkcom. Make sure to catch up to the minute networks, Andanigan's by following at pod fix on twitter, official underscore pod fix on Instagram, at pod fix network on Facebook, and make sure to subscribe to pod fix presents wherever you choose to find podcasts. The pod fix network artist owned the love oh I would happened to dear old Mr Warrington? TWAS THE WINDIGO I reckon.

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